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Volleyball season runs from evaluations in August through the end of October. To keep updated on volleyball happenings, please follow us on Facebook!

You can also check out our schedule on our calendar!


Elementary (12 & Under) Program: 

Fees: $200 for the first child, $175 each additional child

This level is considered an introduction for kids and families to the HAACH program. While developing the player’s skills and understanding of teamwork and good sportsmanship, the emphasis should be on having fun and on making sure all kids are allocated approximately equal playtime. It is important that young kids not be discouraged or bored at this level due to too much bench time thus the emphasis is to draw new kids and families to the program and be certain to allow kids to have fun while testing their skill at this level. In very close games, the coach may use some latitude to prioritize more skilled players to pull off a win, understanding that winning is encouraging to the whole team and also that our opponents want good competition as well. It is an encouraged practice to rotate starting lineup as well, since younger kids find it very exciting to be able to say they “started.”

Junior High (14 and Under) Program:

Fees: $225 for the first child, $200 each additional child

 Amount of playtime will depend more on athlete’s level of ability and as game situations dictate. While each athlete should receive some playing time in every competition, it may not be equal time in each competition. If a player does not receive much playing time one game he/she may receive more the next. In the case of large leads players will be rotated through on a fairly even basis.

High School (J.V.- 16 & Under Varsity – 18 & Under) Program:

Varsity Fees: $300 for the first child, $275 each additional child

JV Fees: $250 for the first child, $225 each additional child

Amount of playing time is solely at the coach’s discretion. The coach will decide which players at any given time will maximize the “teams’” ability to compete in the games at the highest level. The coach will take into consideration player’s skill level, attitude, attendance at practices and games. 


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